10 Tips on how to successfully navigate the Clubhouse App and make it work for you

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a free audio-only social app where you can go into rooms to become a speaker or listener.

How do I get on Clubhouse?

Currently, Clubhouse is invite-only. You need to get invited by a friend and that’s particularly challenging since each friend is only allowed…

Could you spot a bot? Here’s How

It recently became extremely important to me to be able to spot a bot. The reason why is for another article but I can tell you that everyone should learn how to spot a bot for their own online safety.

There are many reasons for bots to exist. Some exist…

Being Ok With Here And Now When You Want To Be Somewhere Different

I’m learning to look at the world differently. When I say that understand but I’m doing it reluctantly. I’m not where I want to be. I’m surrounded by blessings. My daughter has everything she needs. …

Ten Steps For Overcoming Re-Entry Anxiety After Covid

“Society Re-Entry Anxiety” as I’m calling it as it pertains to feelings of terror that come with rejoining society after any major period of being locked away from society, in this case Covid is a real thing.

This is a thing. I can tell you as someone who has been…

I’ve been unhealthy a lot of my life due to some genetic issues. About 20 years ago it started to really show. Fatigue, brain fog, and muscle weakness became my constant companion. It was another 10 years before I was diagnosed with several genetic disorders. …

A look into ourselves and others

2020 has been a decade. We have come face-to-face with who we are. Who we are as a nation. Who we are as a community. Who we are as families. Who we are as individuals. Who we ARE.

A mirror was hoisted up over the nation and we all took…

A single mom’s struggle and wish to leave behind a beautiful life for her daughter when she dies

After recently suffering a dangerous hemorrhage, I received a negative prognosis of what my future health holds. In another article I am finishing writing, I talk about my health challenges and how they have affected me and my family. …

That’s Jacqueline

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